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Moments to love

Thursday, October 27, 2016
The Ginette NY Fall 2016 collection celebrates moments. The unreal. The unexpected. The moment when time halts and all you hear is the voice in your head, your thoughts. It’s a simple moment, like many of Ginette NY’s diamond-encrusted and geometrically shaped fine jewellery pieces.
Fine. White. A girl’s best friend. The girl. Her diamonds – nestled daintily on her collarbones, the light low-key shadows casting a beautiful shroud. “My loves,” she said. The loves, we want. The moments, we love.
She turns her cheek. The tiny bejewelled square studs on her ear, dancing under the faint warm light. Hands raised, eyes half-closed. Perfectly curled lashes pointing towards unchained rose gold jewellery on her hands. They flicker and the slightest of twinkles could be heard. Surreal yet so true.
The shimmer. The beauty. The mystifying shapes of love, life, and Ginette NY. Touch them. Hold them. Lay them on your skin. These are moments of love – moments to love.

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