Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen
All the charms of a woman

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

“A woman’s personality is as versatile as the many roles and responsibilities she takes on – even during the course of a single day.”

All the Charms of a Woman, an all-new Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Sweet Drops offering represents just that. The multi-faceted image of a woman. Like a feminine scent lingering in the still room air, reminiscent of a red coral charm dangling across the collarbone.

Only skin, gold, and charm are visible. The rest, a blur.
http://www.laprendo.com/SG/Ole-Lynggaard-Copenhagen.html?utm_source=Blog&utm_medium=Website&utm_content=designer+page&utm_campaign=23+Nov+2016 Nestled in nature, or within the walls of a metropolitan city, she thrives. Her entourage of personifications by her side, expressed in an array of animal-shaped charms and organic silhouettes.

A fish. A bird. An elephant. Charms of ours. But facets of hers. The stars have aligned.

”Ever-transforming to my inspirations, Sweet Drops are dependable constants charmingly defining and expressing my identity.”
“Awareness of our many feminine charms is the path to inner growth and happiness.”

And so she mingles with the many charms. A charm for today and another for tomorrow, and maybe even a new one for the night. The charms may change but the facets remain. She remains.

All the charms of a woman? Perhaps, those are the few that she needs the most.

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