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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Diamonds are forever and so are flowers – when they come in 18k gold and laden with diamonds. The Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Flower Brooch is as simple as the name suggests. Petals of hand-engraved strokes bloom in an uncontrived pattern, always raw and made specifically to mimic the innocence of Mother Nature. Near the stalk, diamonds trickle down like morning dew. Wear this brooch over your heart, as an ode to Mother Nature’s finest.
If the Flower Brooch does not complete Mother Nature, then look to the Small Branch Brooch as an accompaniment. Part rose gold, part yellow gold, and adorned with 117 diamonds that sprout as tiny leaves, the Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Small Branch Brooch is as true to life as the flora surrounding us. And with a deftly concealed pin fastening, the delicately craved branches are displayed in the most enthralling form possible.
The search for the one may have eluded some of us but not for Charlotte Lynggaard. In the South of Italy was where she once rested. A red coral of such size and quality, so rare that years may go by before such a beauty is unearthed again. And now this beauty is Charlotte Lynggaard’s. Her dream to craft a N.4 ring of this magnificence has come to pass. Once acquired, forever hers – and now, possibly yours.
Winter is coming and so is the season of merry. Paint it a frosty white with the Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Winter Frost collection. A sell-out and an evergreen minimalist statement, the Winter Frost collection is like a shower of snowflakes over Mother Nature’s creations. Stretch out your hands and let them fall onto your fingers. Watch them trickle down your ears. White diamonds and white gold never looked this good.
If the Winter Frost collection isn’t enough, look to the night sky for a spell of wishful thinking. Enter the Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Shooting Stars collection, where each piece is a breathtaking highlight in the dark. Sport an asymmetrical look on your ears with a multitude of combinations. But the real highlight is this one-of-a-kind Shooting Stars ear cuff with dangling drops of red and rose corals. 250 diamonds in all. A special showpiece for an evening out.


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