Morganne Bello
Gems to suit any fancy

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Nowhere in the world of fine jewellery has there been a brand that displays gems quite like Morganne Bello. Amethysts, labradorites and calcedonies, more than 20 gems are present in the collections of Morganne Bello, a repertoire intend on suiting any fancy – including yours.
Amazonites, green agates, red quartz, and lapis lazuli, there’s always one more to add. Pick your favourite colour and wear it as an emblem. Layer them daintily. Pair them as a set. The simplicity and natural beauty of the gems are all you need to take with you.
Familiarise yourself with the facets. In a clover or a cushion, each gem is displayed in full, with not one facet obscured. A sprinkle of diamonds complements. A cluster of thin gold threads, providing maximum contrast. The many gems. The many facets. Perhaps, a fancy of yours?

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