Yvonne Léon
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

At Yvonne Léon, originality meets outré. Her Parisian roots have treated her well. Her long line of family jewellers proving to be quite the stimulus. Her father was after all the creator of the two-sided earring style, where adornments lie on either side of the ear lobe. That was in the 1980s. Now, Yvonne Léon has made that her trademark, her bestseller – and her most iconic design.
Yvonne Léon’s starting point is always vintage. Her fine jewellery heritage and flea market jaunts meeting halfway to inspire her designs. Then, there is her intrigue with animals. The bee is one of Yvonne Léon’s icons, among the many other animals in her Les Animaux collection. A place where owls, seahorses, and dragonflies nest together is unfathomable. But here at Yvonne Léon, that is a reality.
Always mixing and accumulating. That is the idea that Yvonne Léon has put forth. Even more than that is the bold styling of Yvonne Léon’s animated designs. Akoya pearls, corals, tsavorites, and black and white diamonds in a myriad of shapes and sizes. They sure sit well together. Even then, a single piece from any of Yvonne Léon’s collections will work all on its own.
And if there’s one design you should take home with you, it’s anything from the Les Dessou D’oreille collection. Those ear jackets are, without a doubt, icons of Yvonne Léon.

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