Delfina Delettrez
A celebration of miniatures

Thursday, February 16, 2017 Delfina Delettrez reminds us once again of the surrealist world that the brand thrives in. Without further ado, immerse yourself in Delfina Delettrez' latest drop of miniatures that are sure to delight.

A tradition of gifting,
a gift to a newborn child.
Tender and light,
floating and dangling.
Celebrating life.

These diamond-adorned medals, they signify a mother’s gift bestowed upon her child. And now at Delfina Delettrez’ hand, they represent a subtle nod towards the gift of life.

The Eye and Lip Piercings,
a Delfina Delettrez signature.
Re-imagined and made petite,
with pearls and gold letters.
Celebrating the atypical.

Take a deep breath and lay your eyes on these one-of-a-kind earrings. Wear them as an ode to surrealism.

A simple star,
bright and bold.
An asymmetrical look,
a sight to behold.
Celebrating lights,
on these bright nights.

Adorn your skin with these bright little stars – an open ring, a single earring and stud. Take these with you on your brightest night yet.

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