Helmut Lang
Discover the roots of minimalism

Friday, April 21, 2017


Austrian designer Helmut Lang first stepped onto the fashion scene in Paris, 1986. Some 30 years have passed and now, it is said that every minimalist brand out there is in some way inspired by Helmut Lang.

Let’s not forget the roots of minimalism.

From the early Helmut Lang days where minimalism fashion was at its height, the codes have been made strong. A design language was conceived that was made for the streets. Raw and stripped down, basic but so irreverently refined, Helmut Lang simply created ready-to-wear that outlasted any trends.

Quiet colours of blacks, whites, and earthly neutrals are signatures. Its striking simplicity and clean lines draw you in. And if the heightened work-leisure dressing phenomenon is anything to go by, Helmut Lang has been right on track since the nineties.

It could be anyone’s go-to label for any day of the year. At Helmut Lang, closet staples are everyday luxe.

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