A ready-to-wear wardrobe of luxury essentials

Monday, April 10, 2017
Joseph modernised women.” That is a bold statement to make but one look at any Joseph collection and it becomes clear. Since 1972, this notion-cum-vision, has carried Joseph through the high contemporary sector and established itself as a brand with a strong core of luxury essentials.
Luxury in what sense you may ask. When it comes to ready-to-wear, nothing rings more luxurious than a neatly sewn garment made from quality cloth. That itself is present in every Joseph collection. For example, silk blends that drape precariously between body and garment can only be achieved through the careful choice of fabrics and the way they move.
The essentials are authentic as they can be. You wouldn’t fine an ordinary essential in a Joseph line-up. In the Joseph universe, every piece is ever-evolving. This season, the white shirt is modernised as a key separate, as are a range of white tops. Proportions are emphasised ever so slightly, creating a casual sort of elegance. An apron dress is deconstructed, with an option to wear as a skirt.
These clothes are straightforward and are meant to be fuss-free to wear, ready to wear. Then, there are the discreet details that elevate subtly, instead of being concealed in the backseat. Take for instance the soft cinching of a waist strap and asymmetrical seam lines at the waist that give shape to a column dress, incidentally the shift dress silhouette that is on the minds of everyone this season.
As this Joseph collection wears on, you will find layers upon layers of modernised essentials that are as luxurious as they look. And it doesn’t end there. Tear them apart to reveal extremely individual pieces to pair with the rest of your wardrobe.

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