Live Free
Take a bold step in free-flowing silhouettes

Friday, May 5, 2017

Amidst the trivialities of modern life, take a step back and yet, a bold step forward and embrace a free spirit. Joseph and Robert Clergerie will show you exactly how. So go on and take the plunge in free-flowing shapes and high-powered platform wedges that will set you right back on the road to emancipation.

Sit tight and let the dress do the talking. Throw on some volume in Joseph and hang back in style. You shouldn’t have to think twice about clothes that flatter.

Allow the expertly cut drapes of a Joseph dress to fall and embrace your body, then cinch in the waistline of the dress to define your figure. Lightweight platform wedges from Robert Clergerie optional.

Take comfort in your own skin – and clothes. With the right fabrics, everything else is a bonus. 

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