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Friday, May 12, 2017

At Lydia L., it always starts with the fabric.

An old-world cloth trader of the same name was the inspiration. Her name was Lydia of Thyatira and she was a merchant of purple cloth, a luxurious fabric worth the weight of silver in those days. Like her namesake, Lydia L. is a modern-day connoisseur of fine fabrics. Fine fabrics that when combined would reveal plays on textures and prints that culminate in sporty and feminine styles. In harmony, these styles are envisioned to be an easy and elegant wardrobe for the woman who understands luxury, comfort, and sophistication. 

The Lydia L. Collection I follows the story of an unassuming yet strong woman, who eventually bursts out of her shell and into the light. Some highlights include the Karoline pencil skirt and Letje fitted dress that are made from a medium-weight jersy fabric, the Isabeau top and Jeane top that feature crushed pleats, a signature in this collection, the Estee pleated poncho that can be worn multiple ways, even as a scarf, and the Siblya cropped top, Sarah cropped top, and Reine cropped top, each featuring different fabrics.

Check out the full 12-piece Lydia L. Collection I that goes back to the basics with the essentials we think you ought to have in your wardrobe.


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